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What are cookies

Cookies are small files that are sent to your browser while you are visiting a website and which are subsequently stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your device, be it a computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet.  When revisiting our site later, your browser will send back this information. The cookies that are stored through our website cannot harm your device or any files that are saved on your device, and are either directly or indirectly contributing to a better user experience. These files may be temporary

The cookies we use and why

The cookies we use are functional cookies, which are necessary to make sure the service requested can be provided properly. For instance, technical cookies allow you browse different pages of a website while remembering the selection made. Some of these cookies will only be stored on the device temporarily. These cookies are erased when you close your browser. The information obtained through the use of these session cookies is used to map your online behaviour during a visit to our website in order to adjust our website to your needs and thus improve user experience.

Extra tracking techniques

Notiz Hotel also reads information from your browser and your device without a cookie being stored. In this fashion, we collect the (technical) features of your terminal equipment and software used by you, such as the type of operating system, the browser settings, the installed plug-ins, the time zone and the screen size.

Third Party Cookies

If you have agreed to receiving our cookies, our partners listed in this policy may also store cookies on your device if you visit our website. We cannot control or influence the use by third parties of the information collected through these cookies. However, each listed partner has their own privacy statement or policy where they disclose their own uses and reasons.

Combination with information sources other than cookies

Information collected through a cookie or similar techniques may contain personal data. We may enrich these personal data with data disclosed by you on public sources, in particular social media accounts to the extent this is relevant for us to know you.           

Social plug ins

Our website is linked to various social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Through the use of these social plug ins you can share and recommend information to others. Through the social plug ins, third party functional cookies are stored on your device. These are cookies that are used to optimize your experience of the social media websites. Also, if you have agreed to this, third party tracking cookies may be stored that are used to track your online behaviour when using various websites and to build a profile of your online behavior.

Withdrawal of your consent

The consent you have given to store and read certain cookies can be withdrawn at any time by setting your browser to disable cookies and/or to remove all cookies from your browser.

Privacy Policy

Information collected through a cookie or similar technique on our Website may contain personal data. Notiz Hotel’s Privacy Policy is applicable to the processing of such personal data, and can be read here.


Please bear in mind this Cookie Statement is subject to change from time to time.


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Last update: November 12, 2020.


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