Loofy’s soaps, without plastic, it’s fantastic

Micro- and nanoplastics are small pieces of plastic that are so small that they are no longer visible to the naked eye, and they are also barely visible under the most modern microscopes. These microplastics are often deliberately added to care products by manufacturers, because they fulfill a certain function in these products, but these small pieces can no longer be purified from the water. Loofy’s only sells 100% plastic-free cosmetics, but they want more, because Loofy's vision is: 

‘100% plastic-free cosmetics and care products. Not just our own collection, but all products in the world.’. 

Loofy's therefore focuses on 100% plastic-free cosmetics, which means that their products are free of micro and nanoplastics, and their packaging is also completely plastic-free. All soaps are sold in recyclable aluminum cans or paper. 

The vision of Loofy's fits perfectly with the basic principles of Notiz Hotel, which also includes sustainability. That is why you can find samples of Loofy's soaps in the rooms of Notiz Hotel and you can buy the full size products in the lobby. This is how Notiz Hotel contributes to a more sustainable world. 

Treat yourself with a relaxing, sustainable shower at Notiz Hotel!