Notiz Hotel is aware of the importance of being sustainable and cares for people and planet. Every decision made within Notiz Hotel in Leeuwarden and Restaurant Wannee are based on our four basic principles: quality, sustainability, innovation and sense of place. Together we strive for a better environment. 


 Reuse of water and energy

Notiz Hotel has implemented water-saving showerheads, faucets and a package-free breakfast buffet. We encourage the guests to respect and take care of the environment by reducing the shower time. 


 Reuse of towels 

Most of the hotel guests who stay in Notiz Hotel reuse their towels to help save the environment. The towels will only be replaced when they are left on the floor.


 Local and ecological products

The Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, and milk creamer in the hotel rooms are from Peeze. Peeze is the only coffee refinery in the Netherlands that supplies 100% certified coffee and operates completely climate neutral. The chocolate bars from InChoc are local produced and made from organic ingredients. The ecological soap and shampoo from Loofy's are made from natural products.


 Furniture and linen

The cotton linen of Fairtrade is supplied by the Pure Eco-line. They are designed by Blycolin and have the 'global organic textile standard' quality label. The tiles in the bathroom are from Mosa and are produced with ceramics from the purest raw materials according to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. The wood in the hotel is Frisian oak.


 Dutch Cuisine

Restaurant Wannee is based on the Dutch Cuisine concept. The Dutch Cuisine consists of five principles, based on the work of the chef Albert Kooy, which are: Culture, Health, Nature, Quality and Value. The dishes consist of 80% seasonal vegetables and of 20% meat or fish. Click here for more information about Dutch Cuisine.  


 Green Key

We are proud to present that Notiz Hotel has achieved the Golden Green Key quality award for the ninth time in a row. The Golden Green Key is the highest attainable level.  The more voluntary measures a company takes, the higher the level. Green Key has developed this list of measures to respect and care for the environment.