Miniature People Leeuwarden

Hidden in the smallest ridges of the wall and behind windows they are beautifully arranged, the miniature people of Leeuwarden. What started as a small hobby for Frisian photographer Michel Tilma has turned into one of the most enjoyable walking tours in Leeuwarden.   

After Tilma discovered the artist Slinkachu in 2016, he started photographing miniature people. At the beginning of 2019, he placed various scenes with miniature people in 38 different locations in the city centre of Leeuwarden. When they actually stay put, he gets many positive reactions, and they officially become a part of ‘A guide to Leeuwarden’. Now, the map with the route and locations is being sold in several places so everyone can enjoy the miniature people of Leeuwarden.   

Wander through the streets and alleys of the city center of Leeuwarden and be surprised by the 49 tiny scenes. 

Don't forget to take a picture using the hashtag #MPL058. 

Can you find all the miniature people?